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"Put science to the benefit of the earth, and people"

Scientific research in soil biology is over 40 years old but its application in the field is recently in France and abroad.

Ce that we  love means working side by side with our producers who want a real transition ecological de manner secure  and durable.



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Our method?
compost organiccomplete made at YOU

From organic waste from YOUR land
To develop and enrich the micro-organisms specific to YOUR culture

soil application & regeneration

organic material


nutrient cycle 

& mineralization

A compost prepared for the current crop


Ecompost extracts for

  • Drain the soil (depollution, revaluation)

  • Infiltrate biology (decompactions, sanitation, water purification)

  • Inoculate and valorize other lower quality composts


Teas ofe compost (spray) for

  • Immunize the plant, trunk & foliage

  • Control/protect against external pathogens and competitors (e.g. larvae, downy mildew)


Valorize your compost

Unlike potting soil, which contains almost only organic matter, a biocomplete compost will be a "living soil" with all the micro-organisms beneficial to the soil nutrient cycle: bacteria, fungi (fungi) , protozoa, nematodes, arthropods.

Our laboratory analyzes your compost samples: 30g is enough, to send to us by post.

What better way to regenerate soil health than to follow the workings of nature?

Because plants do not need nutrients from elsewhere,

le bio-complete thermo-compostingoccurson site, with des local bio waste,

to regenerate the micro-fauna specific to YOUR soil.


notorganic fertilizers from elsewhere,

Notnew bio-stimulants,

Notparticular technologies.

Here, we only do what the Earth has known how to do for a long time,

but much faster.

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