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Become an active supporter of soil life healing and biodiversity conservation in our regions.

Our goal :
produce more 
living compost
for more living soil

For more
naturally fertilised soil

Thanks to living compost, we offer an alternative to farming without pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

For more happy market gardeners

Living compost for vegetables that are richer in nutrients, more resistant to disease and less expensive to produce.

For greater biodiversity

Our living compost is a niche for micro-organisms, a food source for macro-fauna, fungi, insects, birds...

in other words, all living fauna.


Already 2 tons of living compost produced and
7 farms undergoing soil regeneration

Des programmes adaptés
aux associations

Nous organisons au profit des associations des ateliers microscopie, de fabrication d'amendements et TCO, des weekends régénération des sols, etc.

Un projet ?

Contactez-nous !
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