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Laboratoire de microbiologie des sols


We're here to help you
regenerate your soil's health

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Soil biologists and compost producers,
we support you step by step
 towards regenerative agriculture.


Dr Sophia Bloch



soil specialist

« For 40 years, Scientific research has showed that high quality « living » in compost, rich and balanced in various populations of microorganisms has the power to regenerate soil life, its structure, fertility, as well as its resilience to climate change. Plant’s auto-immune system is present in the soil, and its health is a key factor to protect the plants against pathogenic and disease causing organisms; One aspect for which market products become less cost-effective and inefficient in the long-term. Our laboratory analysis provide producers with a global view over the micro fauna present in their soil and over the progress made using regenerative methods developed together on their land. »

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Marc Derelle

Soil engineer


lab analyst

"For 11 years I led projects for international corporations and governments in Asia and Australia. I like supporting the producers in our lab and on the field. Their field experience is very valuable. Our task is to accompany them with our scientific practices towards greater autonomy, profitability and resilience to climate change."

complete biological approach for your soil

Our 3-step approach rebalances soil micro-fauna

and fertility within months at most sites


Our workshops

At the producers, practical workshops to observe the biodiversity of the soil and put into practice a living compost, rich in regenerative biology.


Our mobile laboratory on your plots

Throughout the seasons, we assess and monitor the microbial activity of your soil to help you maintain their good condition.
  • Cereals, vines, market gardening, breeding. conventional and organic agricultural systems
  • Composting facilities

Why to test the biological state of your soil?

Because a balanced presence of living organisms

plays a key role in the immunity and the nutrition of your plants.

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Production d'amendements organiques 
de haute qualité

Nous produisons localement ou sur votre site des amendements organiques de haute qualité à base:


d'acides aminés

de vermicompost

d'inoculats fongiques

de végétaux azotés et BRF

Nos recettes répondent au diagnostic de votre sol, et sont élaborées spécifiquement rééquilibrer son microbiote.

Nos amendements sont hygiénisés, normés et font l'objet d'un suivi biologique tout au long du processus de fabrication

(analyses biologiques livrées avec le produit).

Pour la mise en qualité de vos composts de biodéchets alimentaires, nous contacter.

Thés de compost oxygénés 
pour les grandes cultures

En pulvérisation foliaire à raison de 200L/Ha, le thé de compost et un biocontrôle naturel de haute qualité.

Il permet de former une "couche" protectrice et une défense immunitaire contre le maladies et pathogènes extérieurs.


Nous produisons le thé de compost"frais" sur site, par oxygénation pendant 24 à 36h selon le type de culture.


Crop health mirrors soil health

  • pests & diseases

  • weeds

  • loss of nutrients 

  • compactions

  • leaching

  • organic matter < 3%

  • floods

  • and many others

So, how does biological regeneration
can help you?

Visible results in the field

after application of organic high quality compost

Cattle farming
  • High quality compost tea sprayed on a plot of large pasture.

  • +6 greasing on the regenerated plot whereas only one on the next plot using in conventional practices.

  • grass richer in protein et minerals.

  • veterinary costs drastically reduced.

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icone-microscope-dans fleche.png

(Here table grapes)


Soil biological regeneration

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Increased biodiversity of soil microorganisms in the form of high quality liquid compost extract.




Increase in the weight of harvested grapes.



Reduced fertilizer costs.

What are the benefits for producers?

Reduce your costs
in fertilizers

By enriching the entire chain of microorganisms, their droppings rich in soluble minerals increase in a few months the abundance of nutrients assimilable by plants.


N available in conventional
VS compostbiologically complete (zero fertilizer)

Reduce nitrates and weeds sustainably

90% of weeds grow thanks to nitrates; less nitrate, less weeds.


By rebalancing your soil in mushrooms, their work is reduced drastically and quickly the nitrates and therefore the work of weeding.

Store water in the ground
and reduce leaching

By providing compost rich in a variety of microorganisms, all of the macro-fauna quickly returns to restructure the soil: insects, earthworms, etc. whatquickly reduces erosion and compactionsleaching factors, and significantly increases water retention.

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Keep organic matter deep

By spreading a biologically complete compost we bring organic matter rich in minerals but also the complete chain of microorganisms to continuemineralization and deep root development.

Protect against disease

By spraying a liquid compost tea made on your property,it strengthens the protective layer of microorganisms competing with parasitesthroughout the growth of leaves and buds, and reduces treatment costs, even in conventional.

And much more.

Let's give it a try!

10m x 10m is enough to see the difference

The first practical phase consists of trying several composting recipes slightly varied in fungi and bacteria.


We then select the recipe that gives the best results for the production of the liquid compost that will be applied to the rest of the crop.

Our projects

Du compost liquide pour la ferme bouddhiste
Des champignons pour la vigne
500Kg de biodéchets compostés pour la vigne

Breeders, market gardeners, winegrowers, composters, cooperatives, communities

How can we help you?

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