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We help do what the Earth has been doing for a long time,

Dr Sophia Bloch

Doctor of Biology
soil microbiologist

Marc Derel

Soil laboratory analyst

The ground is alive,

these are the billions of microorganisms that dig, swallow and transform  soil nutrients to make them available to plants.


The soils are full of nutrIlie naturally,

but cultivated soils are lacking todaycruelly of microorganisms for theto make fertile.



Cultivate organisms soil,

is to harvest  its abundance.

because producing rich food at a lower cost starts with cultivating the biodiversity of the soil, and very often having to reintroduce these microorganisms in the form of living compost.

they not only nourish the plants,but also naturally protect against diseases, drought, weeds, and are the source of all the minerals that we find on our plates.

The program


9:00 a.m.0

Welcome and introductions.

Living soil: what is it?


Tour de table and presentation of healthy soil conditions and biological regeneration methods.

Cultivate the microorgansismes beneficial.

Bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes...The selection of materials and their proportions are essential to promote the development of organisms beneficial to plants. 

In this workshop, we explain it all to you!

To your pitchforks!

We provide the materials needed to make high-quality organic compost: a balanced culture rich in organic life, adapted to the soil and ready to revitalize the soil.


Bring your soil or compost samples!

We will observe the microorganisms present in the soil and composts, and present methods to develop those beneficial to your crops.

20g of soil/compost is enough for our analyzes (to be taken within 24 hours before the workshop to preserve their intact biomass).

Application on largeagricultural land

Compost extract and tea are liquids from living compost: they serve not only to spread beneficial microorganisms over several hectares of land, but also serve to immunize plants against diseases and parasites through microbial competition.


Improve your own compost

You make compost but it does not heat up enough?

You don't know if he's alivent and beneficial for your crops?

Bring samples of it, we will analyze its microorganisms and give you tips on how to improve it.



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