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Soil regeneration workshop at the Maison des vins de Duras (47), appreciated by land owners.

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Our association was invited to propose a biological approach to soil regeneration to meet the challenges faced by farmers today: resilience to climate change, cost of fertilizers, loss of fertility, etc.

Thanks to the newspaper Sud Ouest, the members of the Communauté de communes of Duras, farmers and winegrowers, as well as the Crédit Agricole for supporting our projet.

On the program:

“How does living soil work?” and what are the beneficial organisms that stimulates microbial biodiversity at the origin of soil fertility: nutrients and minerals cycling, immunity against diseases, soil decompaction, etc.

Observing the microbial activity in vineyard soil samples VS high quality composts: how a biologically complete compost (culture of microorganisms) works for fertility of the soil and the production of quality food.

Retain water in soil, reduce mechanical workload and costs for farmers, improve plants immunity, maintain production capacity : how to face the challenges of climate change by healing and maintaining a healthy soil.

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La microbiologie, pour une agriculture du vivant.


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